No. 6 - May 2010

Only ONE week to go!

RTC 2010 starts Thursday week – on the 20th May. Don’t miss out. More than 250 of your peers have decided to attend. Time to make the decision and join them. A huge range of sessions are still available.

Principals, don’t be the last to realise the benefits of BIM!

Register now for Principals' day, and ensure that your firm can offer BIM technology, increasingly demanded by clients. Hear about the business benefits of BIM in efficiency, reliability, and consistency, at lower cost and lower risk. Learn about the challenges and pitfalls of various implementation strategies, and understand the timefames involved with developing your in-house styles, techniques and content.

Experience the Power of BIM
with Autodesk REVIT in 2010!

Revit Technology Conference


Thursday – Saturday
20 – 22 May 2010


Experience the power of BIM at the region’s premiere Revit Event. After the success of RTC 2009 you are invited to attend a unique Revit event which will supercharge your professional experience. This 3 day event is streamed to benefit both novices and experts, and features leaders in Revit Architecture, Revit Structure and Revit MEP and a host of ancillary applications as well as a one day stream specifically for Principals.

For Program and registration details

Who should attend? Principals, Office Managers, Architects, Engineers, ESD Consultants, Students, Academics in related fields, CAD/BIM Managers, Construction Managers, Quantity Surveyors, Contractors, Subcontractors, Project Managers, Developers, Property Owners, Designers, Draftspersons, Digital Modellers, Visualisation Artists.

Conference Pricing:




Full Delegate



Group (5+) per person



Day Delegate






Hands on labs
will provide a deeper understanding of some more complex parts of Revit. Hurry, space is limited. All prices are quoted in AUD.

Principals’ Day

A one day stream exclusively for Principals, at a special low price. This stream of BIM information and discussion is aimed at owners and managers of consultancy practices, contractors, project managers and developers seeking to understand the profound changes brought about by the advent of BIM.

The day will focus on the business aspects of Revit: harnessing the power of Revit to produce a superior product at a lower cost, the legal aspects of BIM, implementation strategies, BIM standards, professional trends, and exciting new modes of facilities procurement including Integrated Project Delivery. Cut through the jargon and the hard-sell, and find out what the world of BIM is really about.

  • BIM & It’s Implications for the Average Practice
  • Industry Update: Where we are and where we're headed
  • Open Forum: Discuss the issues.
  • Managing a Revit-based Practice: What you need to know

Principals’ day is a special one day stream at a low price. For those who are investigating BIM and Revit, those who have started their implementation, and those interested in the financial and quality benefits that come from using Revit well.

Latest News:

Keynote Speaker: Paul Doherty, AIA

RTC is proud to announce the confirmation of our Keynote Speaker, Paul Doherty AIA, who will be speaking on the subject “The New Normal: Positioning Your Value With BIM”. Paul is a globally renowned thought leader, strategist and integrator of process, technology and business, currently based in Shanghai, where he is Senior Vice-President and Chief Technology Officer of Screampoint.

Paul is a prominent and highly rated speaker at numerous industry events around the world, and has been appointed as a guest lecturer at some 14 universities and technical institutes around the world, including Harvard, Yale, the University of Hong Kong, UCLA, the University of Southern California, and the University of San Diego. Paul has chaired and held prominent positions with a number of industry bodies, including the Facilities Management Association, the Construction Specifications Institute, the Design-Build Professional Interest Area of the American Institute of Architects and the Information Technology Council of IFMA. He is the China expert for McGraw-Hill Construction.

Paul will deliver an exciting analysis of the external forces that are reshaping our industry, and demonstrate how, by inserting fresh thinking, communicating a strong direction, and leading by example, you and your organisation can prosper. Learn of the BIM facts and fabrications, how to leverage your digital assets to provide value beyond the standard deliverables, how BIM is being adopted in global markets, and about social media and the effects on BIM.

With real-world examples using Revit from high-profile projects from the US, Dubai, India and China, this keynote address will provide context, strategies and next steps to provide an environment of increased value.


Record Numbers

This year’s conference will be the biggest and best ever, with a record 272 delegates registered to date.


Yōkoso watashi-tachi no nipponjin no tomodachi ni!: Welcome to our Japanese friends. This year we have a record 6 delegates travelling from Japan for the event. We are just figuring out how to do the translation, which we hope is better than the internet translation above.


From all over the world
We are used to long distance travellers at RTC. This year we have attendees from Denmark, the Netherlands, Qatar, the United States, and Korea (that’s South Korea, no-one from the North has been allowed to come!) And 25 of our New Zealand friends will be travelling across the Tasman.


Most Popular Sessions
Some of the sessions have attracted intense interest. Most popular are:

  • Chris Needham and Steve Stafford's Tips, Tricks and Classic Cock-Ups, with 126 registered to date.
  • Russell Hamblin’s Scheduling – From Beginning to Beyond, with 96. Who knew schedules were so interesting?
  • Michelle Leonard’s Establishing a BIM Protocol – Guidelines for Working Collaboratively with BIM, with 86
  • Ryan Hanlen’s Case Study BIM Management 1 Bligh, with 83
  • Neil Munro’s Internal Collaboration – Lessons Learnt, with 83
  • Steve Stafford’s Families – General, with 83
  • Steve Taskin’s Make Me a Supermodel with 79
  • The Australia and New Zealand Content Creation Guidelines Project, (kicked off at last year’s RTC) Peer Review Workshop, with 79


With five rooms featuring concurrent presentations of technical workshops, case studies, discussion forums, hands on lab sessions and seminars, RTC caters for all levels of expertise and a wide range of specific interests. Specialise in one area or sample from several. Sessions in each stream range from novice to advanced. The relevance of the training is assured:
Check for full details


Glorious Gadgets
Don’t miss the Glorious Gadgets session!
Attention: Friends, Reviteers, Technofiles.  Back by popular demand, our Glorious Gadgets session will showcase new and exciting technology.  This year, brought to you by Hire Intelligence, this session is not to be missed!  Gadgets include:

  • Apple’s iPad (Apple website).  ‘Nuff said.
  • Midte Digital Touch pen (Midte website).  This pen allows any surface to become a tablet, including your screens!  See how it can benefit designers and speed up markup activities.
  • Emotiv EPOC headset (Emotiv website). Ever wanted to control you computer by thinking about it?  This has to be seen to be believed!

See these in action at this year’s Glorious Gadgets session.  5.15pm-6.15pm Friday 21 May – only at RTC 2010.  Be there and be square!


User Groups Out In Force
Members of our partner Revit User Groups are out in force at this year’s conference, with the strength of REVIC, the Victorian user group evident, with 37 attending. RUGS, the Sydney user group lags with 35! All up 90 of those registered report themselves as belonging to a local user group.

RTC Community

RTC Community has been setup as a group on LinkedIn. Stay in touch with RTC between newsletters, and when your email address changes. Make your views known. Post your thoughts on what you would like to see at RTC. With RTC Community we can stay in touch with you, and you can stay in touch with us.

We have 88 members signed up, and it grows daily. If you would like to attend future RTC events, be a speaker, presenter, sponsor or participate in RTC in any way, join RTC Community now.


If you are not a member of LinkedIn, it’s easy to join, and will keep your business and professional contacts in one place. Join RTC Community now.


It’s on again. Check out the rules at:
and click on the 'competition' button at the top!


If you’ve been doing some great work, and would like the world to know, please contact us at RTC Secretariat. We are looking for all examples of expert, innovative and interesting work –displays of technique as well as strong visual images. Showcase images can also be entered into the Competition: We just won’t be able to mention or display your name.

Showcased images will be presented during the opening session, and as a slideshow for the duration of the conference. Inspire and be inspired!


As the Revit Technology Conference grows, and we broaden our reach to an ever greater geographic and demographic pool, the workload for our all-volunteer committee increases dramatically.

We are looking for bright, enthusiastic (and hard-working!) volunteers to help in many aspects of the conference – from acting as ‘room monitors’, lab or general assistants, or translators, to people interested in a more active, longer term role in the establishment of sub-committees to drive the event itself forward.

If you can see yourself as one of those people, please step up and be counted (and acknowledged!). Simply let one of the committee members know of your interest, or send an email to the conference secretariat, at Believe me, we look forward to hearing from you…

Movie Night

After an enthusiastic, but small :-), group of people responded to last year’s movie night, we have ramped up the volume!

This year we will be showing the movie ‘Watchmen’, from Warner Brothers, another film designed and documented in Revit. Better still, the film will be introduced by Phil Read, from design firm HNTB in the United States, with a review of the Revit file from which it was created! This will include a look inside the models of the Karnak temple and the apartment of Daniel Drieberg (the Nite Owl II). For those of you wanting to know the story beforehand (whatever for??), check out the Wikipedia page:
Watch out, as it also reveals the plot, from start to finish.

Finally, we have expanded the evening to encompass a full meal. After all, other than popcorn (which we still have), what could go better with a movie than beer and pizza (and garlic bread, and wine, and soft drinks too, I suppose…)?

Continuing Professional Development

A series of mini-quizzes will be provided that can be used to jog your memory on the sessions from the conference, but, more importantly, once carried out and filed with your other paperwork, these pages can be used to help cover the professional education requirements of both the AIA and BDA.

Download CPD details

Revit Content Guidelines Initiative

The great debate of RTC 2009 on Revit content, has continued with the establishment of a working committee to take the matter further.

Sign up for the session The Australia and New Zealand Content Creation Guidelines Project, Peer Review Workshop to see the progress towards new Australia/New Zealand family creation guidelines.

Revit User Groups

RTC is an independent conference run by Revit users. If you are not in contact with your local Revit user group, here are some details below:

To subscribe or unsubscribe from future RTC newsletters, please email to RTC Secretariat.


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RTC09 Photos:
...and so it begins.

Thursday morning warm-up

The Content committee kicks into gear

"Listen to me. I bought the drinks!"

"There's a conference? I thought it was just a booze up!"

RTC09 Presentation
Winner – Arkhefield Arch

RTC09 Presentation
Second – Humphrey & Edwards

Documentation - Winner
– Humphrey & Edwards

Documentation - Second
– Arup