No. 5 - March 2010

More than 9 months have passed since the very successful 2009 Revit Technology Conference was held in Melbourne. Now we look forward to the 2010 Conference, returning to the Sydney area, in the beachside suburb of Manly.

Experience the Power of BIM
with Autodesk REVIT in 2010!

Revit Technology Conference


Thursday – Saturday
20 – 22 May 2010


Early bird prices close 9th April 2010

Experience the power of BIM at the region’s premiere Revit Event. After the success of RTC 2009 you are invited to attend a unique Revit event which will supercharge your professional experience. This 3 day event is streamed to benefit both novices and experts, and features leaders in Revit Architecture, Revit Structure and Revit MEP and a host of ancillary applications as well as a one day stream specifically for Principals.

For Program and registration details

Who should attend? Principals, Office Managers, Architects, Engineers, ESD Consultants, Students, Academics in related fields, CAD/BIM Managers, Construction Managers, Quantity Surveyors, Contractors, Subcontractors, Project Managers, Developers, Property Owners, Designers, Draftspersons, Digital Modellers, Visualisation Artists.

RTC is a unique, independent conference covering all things Revit - BIM and the whole ecosystem that supports it, and that goes to ensuring your success in the marketplace. No other event brings so many opportunities and benefits together in a single location. As a 'by users, for users' event, RTC is the best place to get unvarnished advice from the people who use the technologies to drive their businesses, and the industry as a whole, forward. Business leaders, thought leaders, innovators and implementers; they are all here, and all ready to give away their secrets to aid in the quest for a better, smarter industry, and a stronger, more sustainable environment.

  • Learn from some of the world's top instructors and industry experts.
  • Share ideas and insights with an international community of your peers.
  • Explore the latest trends and technologies
  • Cultivate important business and professional contacts that can benefit your company and your career.
  • Come to learn from the experts and leave with a wealth of knowledge, practical methods, and new ideas.
  • See how Revit and related applications drive ESD analysis and simulation.
  • Unlock the potential of BIM to streamline the building procurement and construction process.
  • CPD formal and informal points

Expert Revit use, and the role of a host of satellite applications, will be demonstrated through classroom training sessions, case studies, and a detailed examination of real-world workflows. Peer group participation and insight will be harnessed in a number of forum discussions.

With speakers and delegates from all aspects of the industry - from designers to owners, from surveyors to facility managers - RTC's scope ensures value to all who attend. Unique content delivered by the best: the tips and tricks, workarounds, and ‘gotchas’ that you need to know to stay on top. Find the answer to that problem that has been costing you time and money! Join us, and ride the front of the wave of the future.

Conference Pricing:


Early bird



Full Delegate




Group (5+) per person




Day Delegate








Hands on labs
will provide a deeper understanding of some more complex parts of Revit. Hurry, space is limited. All prices are quoted in AUD.

Detailed Presentations

RTC2010’s call for papers, has delivered a range of interesting and unique content which keeps the conference in touch with the trends in practice. See presentations from some of the world’s best, covering topics including:

  • New Features
  • Modelling
    • Case Studies
    • Structural and MEP Modelling
    • Curtain Walls, Stairs Railings, Ramps, Areas, Rooms, Groups
    • Modelling Process
    • Site Tools
  • Families
    • Family creation
    • MEP Families
    • Introductory and Advanced Classes
  • Visualisation
    • Rendering
    • 3DS Max
    • SketchUp for Presentation
    • Lighting
  • Detailing
    • Detail Components
    • Symbols
    • Legacy Files
    • Legends
    • Drafting Views
    • Repeating Details
    • Match Lines
  • Presentation
  • Views
    • View Management
    • Finding Things In Views
    • Colour Fill Schemes
    • View Filters
  • Workflow
  • Collaboration
    • Workflow
    • Multidiscipline Collaboration
    • Managing Large Projects
  • Case Studies
    • Modelling Ronchamp
    • Modelling Process
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Revisions
  • Implementation
  • File Management
  • Graphics Standardisation
  • Phasing
  • Design Options
  • Scheduling
  • Project Based Learning
  • Revit Plug-Ins
  • Revit API
  • SketchUp
  • Design Review and the DWF Format
  • Simulation
    • Navisworks
    • Ecoctect
    • IES
    • Digital Fabrication
  • CostX and eSpecs
  • BIM and Cost Estimating
  • Outsourcing

Principals’ Day

A one day stream exclusively for Principals, at a special low price. This stream of BIM information and discussion is aimed at owners and managers of consultancy practices, contractors, project managers and developers seeking to understand the profound changes brought about by the advent of BIM.
The day will focus on the business aspects of Revit: harnessing the power of Revit to produce a superior product at a lower cost, the legal aspects of BIM, implementation strategies, BIM standards, professional trends, and exciting new modes of facilities procurement including Integrated Project Delivery. Cut through the jargon and the hard-sell, and find out what the world of BIM is really about.

  • BIM & It’s Implications for the Average Practice
  • Implementation Strategies Do it better, or be bitter?
  • Open Forum Discuss the issues.
  • Integrated Project Delivery: What it is and how to get on board!

Principals’ day is a special one day stream at a low price. For those who are investigating BIM and Revit, those who have started their implementation, and those interested in the financial and quality benefits that come from using Revit well.

Choose a Stream

With five rooms featuring concurrent presentations of technical workshops, case studies, discussion forums, hands on lab sessions and seminars, RTC caters for all levels of expertise and a wide range of specific interests. Specialise in one area or sample from several. Sessions in each stream range from novice to advanced. The relevance of the training is assured:

  • Revit MEP Stream
    • Detailing
    • Case Studies
    • New Features Revit MEP 2011
    • Collaboration and Documentation
    • Modelling Electrical Systems using API
    • MEP Families
    • Scheduling
  • Revit Structure Stream
    • Model and Document Concrete Reinforcing
    • The Forgotten Tools
    • New Features Revit Structure 2011
    • Parametric Trusses
    • Family Creation
    • Case Studies
    • Documentation
    • Multidisciplinary Collaboration
    • Scheduling
  • Revit Architecture Stream
    • Optioneering
    • Generative Components
    • Interior Design with Revit
    • New Features Revit Architecture 2011
    • Family creation
    • Modelling
    • Case Studies
    • Multidisciplinary Collaboration
    • Drawing Standards
    • Locking Down Drawings
    • Massing
    • Site Tools
    • Phasing
    • Detailing
    • Revisions
    • Stairs and Railings
  • Visualisation Stream
    • Green Star Lighting
    • Revit and 3DS Max
    • Modelling
    • SketchUp
    • Revit’s Mental Ray Renderer
    • Transferring to Max and the FBX Format
  • BIM Managers’ Stream
    • BIM Management as a Discipline
    • Revit API 
    • Understand the issues Managements face, with the Principals’ Stream
    • Implementation Experiences
    • Multidisciplinary Collaboration
    • Tips and Tricks: Make sure that your staff knows these
    • The Classic Mistakes
    • Get More Data Out of Your BIM
    • Build Your Own Help Files
    • Using Formulae to Make Advanced Families
    • Workflow
    • Revit API
    • Title Sheets
    • BIM and Quantity Surveying
    • Design Review and the DWF format
    • Navisworks  
    • Ecotect
    • SketchUp

Pick A Level

For the first time, all the sessions on offer have been rated for the amount of prior knowledge required. Presentations have been tailored to meet the needs of those at all levels of experience.

  • Novice and Intermediate Highlights
    • Should I Model or Should I Draft?
    • Introduction to Families
    • A Beginner’s Journey: Case Study
    • Revit Can’t Do That!
    • Phasing
    • Site Tools
    • Design Options
    • Stairs and Railings
  • Intermediate and Advanced Highlights
    • Using Formulae for Advanced Family Creation
    • Build Your Own Help Files
    • Revit API
    • Save Time and Money With API
    • Auditing Projects
    • Advanced SketchUp
    • How To Develop an Office Style
    • Collaboration
    • BIM Management and Navisworks
    • Generative Components
    • Coordinated Keynoting
    • Model BIM Review
Hands on lab sessions:
  • Parametric Trusses
  • Massing
  • Family Creation
  • Using Formulae for Advanced Families
  • Site Tools
  • Design Options
  • Revit Model Review

Book RTC early to ensure your place in the labs. Places are limited


Earn CPD Points

Most sessions can earn formal and informal AIA and BDA points

Stay Current

Overview of new features. Best practice methods. Tips and tricks from the experts

RTC Community

It’s almost here! The database exists, and we are working on the frontend. With RTC Community we can stay in touch with you, and you can stay in touch with us. Post your thoughts on what you would like to see at RTC.

Download RTC Content

Attendees will be able to access downloadable session content from the RTC website at any time.


As at RTC 2009, the exhibition hall will display products, content and services from a range of vendors. See the latest in technology at RTC including our wrap-up of the latest in gadgetry.


It’s on again. Check out the rules at:


If you’ve been doing some great work, and would like the world to know, please contact us at RTC Secretariat. We are looking for all examples of expert, innovative and interesting work –displays of technique as well as strong visual images. Revit-only workflows can also be entered into the Competition: We just won’t be able to mention or display your name.

Showcased images will be presented after the opening session, and as a slideshow for the duration of the conference. Inspire and be inspired!

AusBIM Revit Content Initiative

The great debate of RTC 2009 on Revit content, which culminated in an open forum discussion on the Saturday afternoon, continues with the work of the committee formed to take the matter further. Many at the conference voiced their viewpoints, and the discussion has since been used by the committee to guide the development of content standards guidelines for Australia and New Zealand.

Events have continued to move at a rapid pace culminating in a recent two day intensive workshop, held in Sydney. Visit the web site – AusBIM Downunder Parametric at the address .There is some fantastic guidance on the site as to the elements of high-quality families, and it is well worth a look.

AusBIM will be releasing their progress towards new Australia/New Zealand family creation guidelines at RTC 2010.

Social Events

Where the real work gets done! Enjoy the Welcome Function, Friday night Casual Dinner and Movie, and the Farewell dinner. Mingle at the morning teas, lunches, and afternoon teas.

Relax and get some flight-time (either/or) with a range of demo software and state of the art computers in the RTC Lounge.

Revit User Groups

RTC is an independent conference run by Revit users. If you are not in contact with your local Revit user group, here are some details below:

To subscribe or unsubscribe from future RTC newsletters, please email to RTC Secretariat.

RTC09 Photos:
...and so it begins.

Thursday morning warm-up

The Content committee kicks into gear

"Listen to me. I bought the drinks!"

"There's a conference? I thought it was just a booze up!"

Presentation - Winner
– Arkhefield Arch

Presentation - Second
– Humphrey & Edwards

Documentation - Winner
– Humphrey & Edwards

Documentation - Second
– Arup